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If you are looking for a reliable supplier of high quality secondhand clothing, then you came to the right place. My family has been active in textile recycling for 3 generations and was one of the pioneers of the business in Europe. It was my grandfather who introduced the grading system that we still use today and which ensures a high quality product.

Indeed, anyone can sort clothes, but to do this in a professional manner, which implies recognizing the different fabrics with one fingertouch, detecting defects in a blink of an eye, while also taking into account the various trends in fashion and the specific needs of the targeted exportmarkets, that is what you can expect from our company.

Obviously, in order to achieve an outstanding result, the quality of the raw material, the so-called “original”, being the unsorted used clothing that is collected by charities and commercial collectors, is also of great importance. That is why we only work with original, collected in the best areas in Holland, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Germany. Nevertheless, fluctuations in the quality of the collected textile are unavoidable. But thanks to our sorting system we can ensure our customers the delivery of a stable standard quality at all times.

Abdo Baghdadi, Director

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